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Unconditional love, dogs and Mary Poppins
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I'm a very liberal Christian and welcome readers of all faiths and none.

A bit about my chequered spiritual history :) I was raised atheist, became an evangelical Christian at school, lost my faith at university, invented my own religion for a while, lost that, and ended up Christian again at the age of 32 after a weird experience while acting in a disused chapel. (Scroll down that page to where I start talking about 'the wolf cub drop'.) I've recently realised I have a massive thing for the Virgin Mary. I'm not Catholic.

I'm a professional monster whisperer with plenty of monsters of my own. I struggle a lot with low self-esteem and procrastination, and I'm pretty sure God wants me to help other people with the same problems.

I'm ALSO pretty sure God wants me to be a writer and storyteller. Have ALL the callings!

The tagline 'Unconditional love, dogs and Mary Poppins' is because you won't get far in my blog without hearing about all of the above.

At least half my posts are basically me banging on about my latest revelation of how unbelievably much God loves us. It's probably useful 'feelgood' reading when you need a pick-me-up. Try here, here and here for examples.

I've always been obsessed with dogs and think they have a lot to teach us about the nature of divine love.

A note on the words 'bose' and 'nug': some of my posts won't make any sense unless I explain these!

'Bose' was my childhood word for a dog's nose, and 'nug' for a cat's nose. These words have taken on a life of their own among my friends and evolved into fairly complex abstract terms! Being 'bosy' or 'having a bose' refers to doglike traits like unconditional love, unrestrained exuberance and a tendency to make messes, while being 'nuggy' or 'having a nug' refers to orderliness, logic, reserve and perfectionism. Both have their ups and downs. :)

'Bosing' is affectionate nosing. I have been known to talk about being bosed by God.

I tend to get intense about Mary Poppins in a way that may confuse people who've only seen the film. The books are profoundly mystical; the author, P.L. Travers, was a Christian and a Buddhist who said of Mary Poppins, 'To me, she is one of the archangels.' When I became a Christian I realised my fandom had been leading me all along towards a deeper understanding of God.

I actually started this blog in September 2010. Before that I was God-blogging in friendslocked posts on my personal lj, so I've copied those posts over and backdated them. I hope I've edited them enough to make sense to the casual reader, but if you come across any references that mean nothing to you or refer to posts/comments that aren't there, I apologise!