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Unconditional love, dogs and Mary Poppins

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MULTIFAITH DESTUCKIFICATIONAL PRAYERFEST (Or goodthoughtfest if that's how you roll!)
sudden startling revelations
I'd like to invite you to join me in a thing, if you think you'd like to.

I'm feeling called to pray for a global wave of destuckification, and to volunteer myself to be part of making it happen. And to invite people of all faiths and none to pray, wish, work magic, or send good thoughts along with me.

Even though - no, not even though. Because - no, not because. AND I think this destuckification wave is already starting.

Destuckification is a Havi word, and it means release from stuckness. An end to the thing you can't stop. A beginning to the thing you can't start. Or just a shift in the right direction. An inch more freedom. A step closer to being yourself.

I found out in a dream last night that 'spiritual evolution' is also a good word for what I'm talking about here. (I'm like, spiritual evolution? Really? Okay, dream.)

SO. Today, I'm beginning a 54-day novena. 'Novena' is a Catholic term for a (usually 9-day) period of special prayers, and hence TOTALLY appropriate for this thing, because:

* It's not 9 days
* You don't have to be Catholic, Christian, or even believe in a religion.
* You don't have to pray. You can meditate, do magic or energy stuff or just send good thoughts.

The idea of a 54-day novena is this: for 27 days, you take time every day to ask for something. Then for the next 27 days, you take time every day to give thanks for it, whether you think you've received it or not.

This is incredibly clever, because when you're praying for something - especially something as internal and unquantifiable as 'destuckification'- all this asking-for-the-thing can just reinforce in your mind how much you don't have the thing. Which makes it hard to be open to receiving the thing! If you do get stuck in that mindset, the thanksgiving phase is perfect to get you out of it and into total readiness to receive the thing.

The traditional way to do this particular novena is to pray a rosary every day. This is what I'll be doing, but you can pray in any way you like.

If you are interested in doing rosaries, you don't need beads and you can find basic instructions here or a special 54-day pattern here (warning, not to everyone's taste and contains a bit of Satan talk that some of us might just wanna skip).

So that's the basic explanation. The rest of this post will now be Further Ramblings. :D

This idea came to me six days ago. I've been procrastinating on posting about it till now because it's so important to me and I wanted to get the words absolutely perfect, so clearly, I got incredibly stuck. :} This is exactly the sort of thing I'll be praying for release from!

It actually started as just that. The plan was to pray a 54-day novena for release from my own stuckness, mostly procrastination. I actually started it, but in the middle of the prayers for the first day, I was clobbered over the head with: why just me? I felt strongly that God wanted release for everyone. Like a jubilee in the old biblical sense, only happening inside people. Cancel the debts, free the slaves, PARTY!

I remembered that I'd tried something similar a couple of years ago. I decided that my birthday wish was for everyone to be freed from procrastination. I rallied lots and lots of people to join me in praying. And then nothing seemed to happen. So I asked what the deal was with that. If it didn't work last time, why try it again?

I felt the urge to go back and check what had actually been happening in my life, in the few weeks following that prayer effort.

Oh. OH. My jaw dropped. Within two weeks after my birthday,  I'd started my Godblog. And I'd discovered Havi. Through a friend who'd also discovered her. Oh my goodness, I had no idea! All this time and I hadn't noticed! I thought nothing had happened!

I'd missed it because I'd been expecting absolute transformation of everything overnight. Like, Buddhist-level 'may all beings be enlightened' or 'Thy kingdom come' stuff. That wasn't going to happen in time for my birthday. But there was a wave of destuckification. And this time, I feel like it's going to be even bigger.

At the weekend I went to a bouncy Stonehenge. I spent some time praying about this and bouncing around doing my own dorky entry ritual. I lay on my back in the centre of the circle surrounded by bouncing people of all ages, looked up at the sky and had a moment of pure sacred silliness. Everyone forgetting themselves and being themselves. A world full of play. It made me think again of 'Thy kingdom come'.

I remember I had the same thought at London Comic-Con. The crazy joy of a crowd of thousands all feeling safe to be themselves. I came back from that and wrote: 'I wish the world could be like this all of the time! Maybe in our lifetimes, people really will be that free. Thy kingdom come! I want total loving acceptance of each person's individual dorkitude! I want costumes in the streets just because! I want public playfulness! No upper age limit for plastic sword duels! Total permission for everyone to love what they love!'

I have a feeling that this wave of destuckification is connected to that somehow. I guess:

Destuckification > being more yourself > our truest selves are pure awesome divine love > God's kingdom comes to earth a little bit more every time we get a little bit destuckified. We get a little bit closer to the enlightenment of all beings. The universe gets a little bit bigger. EEEEE!

Join me! Please join me!

PS. It's okay if you start late or miss a few days. Come on, this is me we're talking about. Also: come on, this is God we're talking about. :D

PPS. At the helpful suggestion of mair_aw, I'll be posting daily prayers here so people don't have to remember by themselves - if you think you could use a reminder, friend me or follow @evejacques on twitter.

PPPS. Or! I now have a mailing list you can sign up to:


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I'd love to play but I'd almost certainly forget after about three days. Would it be too much to suggest you post daily to remind people? Perhaps that would annoy people? Do you tweet?

Good idea, I will totally post daily and tweet at @evejacques :) Thank you!

That would be lovely. I will be taking part.

I'm apologising for stupidity, but do you have to ask for the same thing every day? I have one personal thing and two things for two people I care about loads. I'd like to sort of do them on a run...

I think that would be wonderful. No apology needed. :)


I've signed up to the email list thing too :) Being prodded is, alas, quite important. But I'm 'destuckifying' my first request today (and putting in a bit of effort to destick it too).

I too am in, and have signed up to the mailing list :)

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