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Destuckification Novena - Day 53
It's the LAST DAY tomorrow and I'm having all the 'Have I tried hard enough? Have I done this well enough? Have I changed enough? Have I made enough difference?' And I'm noticing this as a pattern, which is progress!

(NB. I'd prefer no reassurances on this subject, because I want to keep this between me and me. I'm the one that has a problem with me, and I'm the one that should be giving me reassurance!)

Ugh, I just want to give thanks that this world is turning towards better things. Right now, in the dark, under the stars. Or turning through sunlight if that's where you are right now (where you are right now!)

I'm reminded of a song I loved when I was little, 'Morningtown Ride', about travelling through the night on a train bound for morning. A song that depicted time as space. Night as a landscape through which you journeyed, morning as a destination, a place that was already out there somewhere, waiting for you to reach it... the most beautiful and mysterious place.

And on this turning world, we really are being carried through the night towards daylight. It really is there, waiting for us...

We're travelling forwards, in time, and in space, and in spirit. Giving thanks for that.

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I've always liked the idea of the night being a place as well as a time. Except, of course, my dream would be to be able to travel at the speed of night itself, and never have to leave it before I was ready... *s*

I had that song on a cassette when I was very small! I spent a long time wondering who Roland was.

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