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Destuckification Novena - Day 50
heart-shaped leaf
I'm really seeing the point of the 'giving thanks' phase. Even though I'm seeing lots of changes, and I know other people are too, it feels really presumptuous to be giving thanks for worldwide destuckification when I can't be sure that any such thing is happening. I have days when I'm convinced nothing is happening, nothing is going to happen, this is all made up and I'm just babbling delusional nonsense into the void.

But if I keep on giving thanks even when I feel like that, doubting!me eventually goes 'oh okay, if you're so grateful there must be SOMETHING going on.' And keeping on giving thanks for 27 days gives me time to go through that cycle several times - doubting!me repeatedly checks, 'Is there anything going on here? Still grateful, must be something.' And if you check something several times and get the same results, you eventually don't bother checking so much.

Which is extremely useful if I'm right that prayer is less about persuading God to give you something, and more about getting yourself to the point where you can receive it.

The more I think about it, the more religion seems to be about ways to notice. Prayer is a way of noticing the love and possibility that's always there. Churches and temples are a way of noticing the presence that's everywhere. They aren't more full of God, they're just designed to help you notice God. BRAINMELT.

Giving thanks for all the highly productive brainmelt! And for the destuckification of the world!


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